5 Apps for College Students

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There is little doubt that people seem to be developing deep relationships with their phones and tablets. Apps are a big part of that devotion—they are attentive when we need them to be and take care of small but important tasks for us.  Indeed, apps can help manage nearly every aspect of your life, and for college students who are overwhelmed with school, homework, and jobs, the right app can provide much appreciated support and stress relief.  


Time management is critical for college students. Input your class schedule and assignment deadlines into iStudiezPro, and the app will organize your activities, warn you of approaching due dates, keep track of your grades and make sure you know when your next class is. And it was just updated in August 2012. 

Available for: iPhone
Price: $2.99


This app stores and manages digital flashcard sets on almost every conceivable subject. You can choose from more than 10 million free sets or create your own. There are four available study styles and two flashcard games that bring a little fun to your study time. 

Available for: Android, iPad, iPhone
Price: Free

Study Buddy


Part of developing and maintaining good study habits is knowing when you could be doing a better job. Study Buddy monitors how much time you spend on distractions during study time, such as answering calls, checking social media, and so forth. It then creates a study efficiency graph to show you how well you’re staying on task. 

Available for: iPhone
Price: $0.99


Sync all your course notes and materials from Word/PDF/Excel and PowerPoint formats with your phone so you can review material for exams and look over lessons between classes or while commuting. You can also set up online courses and test questions to review, or you can donate your notes to the online public library that holds a database of study notes from thousands of students all over the world.

Available for: Android, iPhone
Price: Free 

Internship Seeker

Find internships from your iPhone with Internship Seeker. Internship Seeker provides mobile access to thousands of available internship listings, with new ones updated and posted every day. Internship Seeker is powered by, the web's largest internship database. 

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

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