ATD to Present New Research on Talent Development in Banking at the 2017 Bank Trainers Conference

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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In the United States, there are approximately 6,100 banks and another 6,000 credit unions, and many of these institutions operate multiple branches. Recognizing the critical nature of employee training in such a competitive, complex, and highly regulated industry, ATD is conducting research to capture an accurate picture of talent development professionals and their activities in banks and credit unions. ATD will present and discuss key findings from this study, as well as deliver additional insights based on conversations with leading banks, on June 13 at the 2017 Bank Trainers Conference, which is hosted by Total Training Solutions and the Center for Financial Training

ATD will publish a full digital report in summer 2017. ATD members and Bank Trainers Conference attendees will be emailed a download link when the report is released. Below is a preview of the findings: 


A Snapshot of Talent Development Professionals in Banks and Credit Unions 

ATD Research created a profile of talent development professionals that work full time in banks and credit unions in the United States. In all, 54 individuals participated in an online survey, contributing their experiences, insights, and personal data to the profile. Here are some key research questions and findings: 

  • What types of institutions employ these individuals? Although almost 60 percent work for banks (in this report, all banks and credit unions are referred to as banks) with 100 to 999 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) across all job functions and branches, about a quarter are employed by very large banks with 10,000 or more FTEs.
  • What does a week on the job for a typical participant look like? When asked about primary job responsibilities, the most common response by far was delivering training. After delivering training, the next most prevalent primary job responsibility was instructional design, followed by managing or leading programs. For those that deliver training, 41 percent of work hours, on average, are spent facilitating training, and 31 percent are spent planning and preparing (the remaining time is spent on other tasks such as evaluating training or traveling to training locations).  

    What Are the Overall Priorities and Activities of Talent Development Teams in Banks?  

ATD also distributed a separate, longer, online survey to 21 U.S. talent development leaders in banks and credit unions who had knowledge of their departments’ accomplishments, activities, and spending. Some valuable benchmarks that banks can compare themselves against emerged: 

  • At the average bank, employees used 29 hours (or slightly less than four working days) of training per person over a one-year period. Important content areas include processes and procedures, mandatory and compliance content, customer service, and interpersonal skills.
  • About half of all training hours are delivered using the traditional face-to-face, instructor-led classroom. The rest are delivered using technology or a combination of the live classroom and technology (a blended approach). 

    About the Bank Trainers Conference 

The Bank Trainers Conference is the nation’s fastest-growing conference and expo designed exclusively for bank and credit union trainers. This is the fifth conference, and it is hosted by Total Training Solutions and the Center for Financial Training. The event will be held June 13-15 in San Diego and features a variety of learning experiences, including preconference workshops, training-specific seminars, networking sessions, and special events.

About the Author

Maria Ho is the manager of ATD research services. She serves as ATD's senior research program strategist and designer and provides oversight and direction for all of ATD's internal and external, industry specific, and market research services. Prior to joining ATD, Maria was a public policy researcher, data analyst, and writer at the Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington, D.C.

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