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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nothing is engulfing the federal government more than the transition to a new presidential administration. In the previous several months, this publication has covered how to make this transition smooth in 2017, and this issue is no different. But what is different about this month's interview with Martha Kumar in the  Insider's View is the focus; it is all about communication and collaboration. 

"The career people in agencies have a stake in making sure the new people have good information on who is there and what their backgrounds are," says Kumar.  

As new political appointees enter the government workforce, career employees have a responsibility to help these new leaders understand their agency's work. This requires them to communicate clearly and respectfully about what's working and what isn't and any risks on the horizon, all while doing their best to understand the new administration's priorities and possible goals. Past and present government leaders—Alan Balutis, Myra Howze Shiplett, and Jessica Southwell—reflect on what they've learned from previous transitions and consider what kinds of information government leaders will need to share with their new colleagues in the Perspectives column. 


Jon Wolper also interviews Alan Balutis, currently of Cisco Systems and formerly of the Department of Commerce. Balutis has been involved in multiple transitions, both as an agency employee and a transition team member. In the January issue, he and other past and present government leaders share their perspectives on what agency employees can expect during the coming months and how they can smooth the transition. Listen to the podcast.


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