Formal Analysis for Informal Learning

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The following is an excerpt from the Infoline, "Designing for Informal Learning" by Linda Hainlen and Bruno Neal.

During the analysis phase, ask yourself how you can align your workforce needs to the organizational strategic objectives, and how you can make learning tools available informally. An “audience analysis” is critical in this phase.


Some of the questions that need to be answered as part of the audience analysis are:

  • Who will enroll in the training?
  • What background will learners bring for this instruction?
  • When will they want to engage in this learning?
  • Where will learners want to learn?
  • What expectations will learners have of the training?
  • What expectations will learners have with regard to time and amount of work?
  • What hardware and software will the learners have?
  • What Internet bandwidth will learners have?
  • What resources will the learners have at their disposal?
  • Is computer technology a challenge for the learners?

Learn more about how to start using formal methodologies for the successful integration of informal learning.

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