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Introducing ATD TRIAGE

Monday, February 24, 2020

As a follow-up to my previous blog post, ATD has some exciting updates for healthcare. In tandem with our new Capability Model, we’d like to introduce ATD’s fresh brand and model for healthcare content: ATD TRIAGE (Training Resources, Ideas, and Analysis Guided by healthcare Experts).

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With the new model, ATD’s goal is to focus our approach about how we develop content for the industry by addressing specific topics for targeted audiences.

Training Topics

Incorporating ATD’s basics of training content, we’ve included five core learning and development areas grounded in the Talent Development Capability Model:

1) Training Delivery and Facilitation: Techniques and best practices for delivering training to employees in the healthcare industry.

2) Managing the Learning Function: Strategic approaches for tackling organizational development, project management, key learning trends, and so forth.

3) Evaluating Impact: Guidance for identifying evaluation indicators and determining if your talent development solutions created the desired outcome.

4) Instructional Design: Best practices and insights on fundamental elements of effective instructional designers and trainers.

5) Technology Application: Information on state-of-the art e-learning and innovative ways to use technology to support learning and performance.


Healthcare Topics

The TRIAGE model also addresses topics specific to health systems because the industry has unique needs as well as trends and significant growth areas for trainers, leaders, and practitioners. These concentrated areas are:

1) Leadership Management: Guidance for healthcare trainers and practitioners about how to leverage and grow leadership skills.

2) Change Management: As an ever-shifting industry, healthcare employees need to be a jack-of-all trades. Keeping pace with the constant shifts in demands, trends, technology, and expectations is vital.

3) Value-Based Care (including such areas as interpersonal skill building, EQ, patient engagement): Resources that help practitioners define and evaluate “value” for both their practice or health system, as well as the individuals they serve and engage with to deliver care.

4) Digital Transformation: Information about technological advances within the healthcare industry, including shifts to electronic medical records and electronic health records (EMRs/EHRs), virtual appointments, artificial intelligence, virtual simulations, and all things digital.


5) Business Acumen for Healthcare Professionals: Direction about understanding, operating, and managing hospitals and healthcare as businesses within the industry.

These industry-specific topics will contain resources not only for trainers practicing within the industry but for various employees working in health systems, such as clinicians, nurses, directors of hospital departments, and C-suite executives.

Moving Forward

ATD foresees our content falling simultaneously under broad categories. It will integrate a blend of talent development content and guidance side-by-side or incorporated within specific healthcare topics. For example, a segment on improving patient engagement could go two routes. Under “instructional design for trainers,” content will cover how to train staff to engage effectively with patients. Meanwhile, under “value-based care for clinicians,” content will discuss ways to better connect with patients during interactions. In this way, ATD will contribute to the growth of the industry at large and from multiple angles and approaches.

We are excited to use this new content model as a platform to continue sharing innovative ideas and discussions for advancement of the talent development sphere within healthcare. If you are interested in contributing or collaborating by writing a blog post or magazine article, presenting a webcast, or serving as a subject matter expert, please contact me at [email protected].

We hope to look back on this year as evolutionary.

About the Author

Niranjani Chidamber Papavaritis is the Head of Content for ATD's healthcare and government industry verticals, and the Manager for ATD's global conferences and strategy. In her role, she is responsible for content and product development, partnering with SMEs and executives to create a suite of training resources through blogs, magazine articles, webinars, books, and events. Prior to working at ATD, Niranjani served as a business development advisor at Optum (under UnitedHealth Group). Her specialities include healthcare management, organizational development, business development, and content strategy. Niranjani received a degree in political science and information systems from UMBC, in Baltimore, Maryland.

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