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Sales and Marketing Message Alignment: The Best Way to Reach Remote Teams

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Long before the pandemic studies revealed the importance of sales and marketing alignment. Organizations that align their sales and marketing processes with the customers’ journeys have at least 17.9 percent higher win rates and 11.8 percent better quota attainment. Although this isn’t new information, alignment is more critical than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything for businesses, transforming business models, strategies, marketing and sales messaging, customer concerns and buying behaviors, and engagement methods.

Market conditions and internal issues evolve daily, requiring agile adjustment for seamless customer experiences across all mediums and interactions throughout their entire journeys. Everyone in your organization needs current, up-to-the-minute information to deliver a consistent message to customers and prospects. Your brand message must remain consistent as customers engage with marketing-generated content and sales or service interactions. Otherwise, you risk not meeting the needs of the buyer and potentially losing them to the competition. That’s a lot of alignment. So what’s the best way to be sure that your audience gets the message?

What’s the Solution?

How can you effectively communicate these changes with your employees working remotely? You need to provide them an easy way to access and update their knowledge that won’t disrupt their routine any further than it already has been. Plus, it needs to be effective and agile for quick adjustments. It’s imperative to efficiently deliver information and that all customer-facing employees understand and remember it so they can incorporate it into their those conversations.

Mobile Microlearning

A mobile microlearning platform will help your teams get up to speed while keeping messaging current and consistent across the entire buyers’ journeys for a superior customer experience. So, how does mobile microlearning work?

Plan: It enables you to plan customer-focused responses to each potential scenario by leveraging insights from across your organization as changes occur.


Train: Start by providing online or virtual sales training, in a webinar or video, about the new messaging, product information, or situational update. This is a good introduction to the topic but will soon be forgotten because brains simply aren’t wired to process and recall large amounts of information. That’s where microlearning comes in.

Engage: Create and push out small amounts of job-related information to mobile devices so learners can engage with the content in a matter of minutes on the device of their choice without disrupting their usual workflow.

Spacing and Testing Effect: Use spaced repetition to strengthen long-term memory and promote continuous improvement with scenario-based Q&A micro-challenges and micro-explanations sent and repeated over time. This micro-content reinforces and tests the learners’ knowledge by allowing them to recall and practice what they have learned.

This remote training process arms them with brand messaging that’s current and consistent for addressing any situation as it arises while maintaining organizational alignment.


Drive Participation: Incorporating individual and team leaderboards spark your employees’ competitive nature, motivating them, and increasing engagement in the learning process, ensuring greater participation and outcomes. They’ll anticipate each microlearning session as they strive to top the leaderboard while tracking their progress.

Insights Enabling the Next Steps: The learners’ response data is captured and displayed through analytic dashboards enabling managers to gain real-time insights into their teams’ participation, current proficiency levels, and improvement over time. Plus, proficiency heatmaps provide managers with valuable data guiding targeted coaching and identifying additional training needs. This enables managers to reduce planning time to implement individualized coaching and training requirements.

In Summary

Microlearning engages remote learners across your entire organization. Reinforcing knowledge through practical scenarios to make it stick ensures message alignment for consistent customer experience at every touchpoint that is always current. Leveraging such a solution simplifies coaching and training efforts and saves time and training costs through valuable insights delivered directly to management.

Are you ready to simplify and scale message alignment, training, coaching, and learning in your remote organization? Schedule a demo or watch this two-minute video.

About the Author

David Resendes is marketing manager for QStream.

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