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The ATD Talent Development Framework: Learning Technologies

Friday, September 16, 2016

ATD developed the talent development framework and puzzle to help practitioners understand the different components of talent development, and how organizations can build their own frameworks to address their unique needs. This blog series explores each component of the talent development framework, why it’s important to the field, and what resources ATD offers to practitioners who want to learn more.

Learning Technologies

The use of technology has changed the way we learn. A talent development professional well-versed in learning technologies:

  • identifies, selects, and applies a variety of learning technologies
  • adapts learning technologies
  • matches the appropriate technology to specific learning opportunity or challenge.

The accessibility of technology through the use of a variety of mobile devices has given learning professionals easy access to knowledge. As technology evolves, many have to re-examine their methods for delivering training and their perspectives on technology. As a result, they must consider how to integrate concepts of traditional learning and technology into a cohesive approach. There are four tech trends that can help you design more effective e-learning:

  • learning by making with 3-D printing
  • mitigating risk with virtual reality
  • increasing accessibility with multidevice responsive design
  • ensuring stability, security, and scalability with cloud storage and e-learning.

The ATD Competency Model identifies two skills that talent development professionals need to exhibit:

  • Use technology effectively across the different areas of expertise.
  • Identify when and how to use technology as a training and development solution.

We’ve assembled some additional resources to explore:

For more information on training delivery and other major components of talent development, check out the ASTD Handbook, 2nd Edition.





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