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Tools for Becoming a Better Manager

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In the competitive global business environment, it is critical that managers keep the professional development of their employees at the forefront. Managers often feel ill-equipped to do so, however, and in this fast-paced environment this task must be juggled with many other priorities, including keeping abreast of changes in technology, handling multiple work projects in an often accelerated schedule, and attending to their own personal development.

The TD at Work collection “Become a Better Manager” gives managers tools and tips to more smoothly cope with their varied responsibilities.


In “The Manager’s Guide to Employee Development” David Hosmer discusses the manager’s role in developing staff. He explains why career development is important to the organization, employee, and manager. This issue outlines how managers can facilitate employee development and who is responsible for specific aspects of the employee development process.

Meanwhile, “Keeping Your Career on Track” can help managers assess their own professional development. ATD Career Development Community of Practice manager Sue Kaiden offers advice on how to refine your career aspirations, evaluate your strengths, identify skill gaps, and develop and action plan. Bottom line: this issue can help you recognize what you have to offer employers.

Other TD at Work issues in this collection cover integral topics that will help managers understand the changing workplace, such as virtual work teams, e-learning, social media, and agile project management. The individual issues include:

  • “Basics of E-Learning Revisited” 
  • “Managing the Virtual Workforce” 
  • “Improving Formal Learning With Social Media” 
  • “Agile and LLAMA for ISD Project Management” 
  • “The Positive Workplace.”

Take a look inside the TD at Work collection “Become a Better Manager.”

About the Author

Ryann K. Ellis is an editor for the Association of Talent Development (ATD). She has been covering workplace learning and performance for ATD (formerly the American Society for Training & Development) since 1995. She currently manages ATD's Community of Practice blogs, as well as ATD's government-focused magazine, The Public Manager. Contact her at rellis@td.org. 

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