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Aaron Leung

TED Coach | Corporate Trainer | Founder, Aaron’s Public Speaking Studio


Aaron Leung is an international speaker, TED experiential coach, and corporate trainer with more than 16 years of experience who has dedicated his life to refining the art of public speaking. He specializes in experiential training styles in public speaking, communication (virtual and holographic, among others), and empathetic and innovative leadership, and he trains new trainers to improve engagement and effectiveness within companies and organizations.

He is also the founder of Aaron’s Public Speaking Studio, which helps more than 50,000 individuals each year. He believes that anyone can master and customize their public speaking styles to create a lifetime of opportunity. Aaron was an introvert but overcame many hardships to become the trainer he is today. He has traveled to more than 90 countries, immersing himself in various cultures and finding the best solutions for training methodologies, development, and delivery for different clients. He is honored to deliver training to renowned companies such as Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, Amazon, Google, and Cisco, along with nonprofits like TEDx, Agora International, and JCI. He has attended more than 5,000 workshops globally and won more than 120 speaking contests, becoming Global Impromptu Speaking Champion in 2019.

Aaron’s notable achievements include being a pioneer of corporate hybrid training models, incorporating virtual and holographic elements. He has prepared talented individuals to become speech champions and Guinness World Record holders, enabled people with disabilities and people who were previously incarcerated to learn new skills, and helped hospital patients through the art of public speaking. He is humbled to be interviewed by radio stations, podcasts, and cultural magazines.

Aaron’s coaching qualifications are numerous and have proven a bonus when delivering high quality and effective training to his clients. He also designs customized programs for clients to match their needs as well as a few patented courses.

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