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Aaron Silvers


Aaron Silvers is an active leader in the evolution of online learning. He was the lead developer for Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) responsible for determining how content could be built for SCORM system and over the last five years led the specification (and now standards) effort developing the Experience API. He chairs the IEEE xAPI Study Group.

Through his consultancy, MakingBetter. Aaron accelerates learning and builds capacity in organizations. He evaluates systems and tools, leverages LEAN methodology to innovate and continuously improve learning and development functions, designs learning experiences and develops learning analytics and reporting capabilities.

Aaron co-created the “Up to All of Us” community and annual gathering with partner Megan Bowe in 2011. Up to All of Us catalyzed a new community-of-practice that reconsidered design, workflow, tools and practice. He continues to encourage the development of more effective design practices and better tools through partnership for the Experience API community with the forthcoming events, Connections: xAPI.

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