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Barbara Pellow


A digital printing and publishing pioneer and marketing expert, Barbara Pellow helps companies develop multimedia strategies that ride the information wave, whether it's developing a strategy to launch a new product, building a strategic marketing plan, or educating your sales force on how to deliver an effective value proposition. She brings the knowledge and skills to help companies expand and grow business opportunity. Pellow has had a number of high-profile marketing and sales positions. She served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak's Graphic Communications Group, where she was responsible for all marketing activities for the division, including business strategy, marketing communications, public relations, marketing intelligence, and advertising strategy. Prior to joining Kodak, Pellow was the Gannett chair in integrated publishing sciences in Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) School of Printing Management and Sciences (SPMS). As chair, Barb focused on the relationship between traditional paper-based media and emerging electronic new media. Previously, she served as Corporate Vice President of Marketing for IKON Office Solutions; Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Indigo; Vice President and General Manager for the Xerox Document Production Systems Group; and Director of the On Demand Printing and Publishing Service at CAP Ventures, an internationally known firm specializing in the digital document and print on demand industry. She is a frequent speaker at industry events and a recognized author. She is on the Board of Directors of Ft. Lauderdale-based Spherion.

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