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Bhaskar Thyagarajan

Founder, CEO


Bhaskar Thyagarajan is an innovator in the space of experiential game-based learning. He has been at the forefront of expanding people’s understanding of what constitutes game-based learning and how it can be integrated into organizational mainstream beyond just learning and development. Bhaskar is currently the CEO and founder of BlueSky Learning, headquartered in Gurgaon in North India.

Bhaskar is a founding member and senior advisor to KOACH.AI, an AI-based virtual executive coaching platform created to democratize coaching and making it available to large population of young managers in organizations.

Bhaskar is also an architect and senior consultant at Muskaan Consulting Services, the consulting arm of Muskaan Foundation, an NGO that provides vocational training Intellectually disabled people so that they may become independent and net contributors to their households. Bhaskar evolved a unique Leadership program around themes of empathy and vulnerability and its importance for leaders.

Bhaskar is an active blogger on LinkedIn and regularly writes for HR communities and journals. You can connect with Bhaskar here.

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