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Bill Fournet


Bill Fournet helps leaders and organizations turn disruption into opportunity, saving them up to millions of dollars, by innovating how they work. Fueled by his belief that to stay viable in today’s ever-changing world we need to approach work differently, Fournet actively supports leaders as a management consultant, executive coach, and keynote speaker. As an in-demand speaker for leaders, he delivers thought-provoking, practical programs to help others lead for tomorrow by understanding workforce trends and staying ahead of the curve in times of great change. In all his work, Fournet leverages more than 25 years of experience in leading successful teams–including overseeing large and mega projects in excess of $10 billion–to give leaders the tools and guidance they need to thrive in any situation. Fournet is the founder and CEO of the Persimmon Group. Contact him at billfournet.com.

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