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Craig Wortmann


Craig is a clinical professor of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative and founder and executive director of the Kellogg Sales Institute. In 2016, Craig was clinical professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He designed, developed, and taught the award-winning course called Entrepreneurial Selling, recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the top 10 courses in the United States. He also taught one of the core entrepreneurship courses, Building the New Venture, and he developed Chicago Booth's Building Leadership Capital course, a four-day, in-depth executive leadership course for senior executives. Craig joined the Booth faculty in 2008 and was the recipient of the 2012 Faculty Excellence Award, given to the professor who has had the greatest positive impact on the students. Craig is the author of What’s Your Story? , a book that looks at how leaders and sales professionals use stories to connect, engage, and inspire. In his book, Craig demonstrates the powerful impact stories have on the three most common performance challenges: leadership, selling, and communication. Craig is also a columnist for Inc.com on the subjects of sales and entrepreneurship. Craig has been a salesperson and entrepreneur for more than 20 years. From IBM Corporation as the number 2 performer in his yearlong, classical style sales training class, to a Dean Witter company covering three-quarters of the country selling to large retailers, Craig is an expert in all things sales. After earning an MBA from Kellogg in 1995, Craig joined the Forum Corporation and quickly became the firm’s new product launch and client recovery specialist. In 2000, Craig was recruited to join startup WisdomTools as its CEO, which he sold to a larger firm in 2008. Craig is the founder and CEO of Sales Engine, a tools and services firm based on the belief that a company should treat sales as the engine of its business. As a professional speaker and sales adviser, Craig helps to develop the knowledge, skills, and discipline necessary to build a successful sales engine. Craig is a senior adviser to Pritzker Group Venture Capital, helping to grow the sales engines of its portfolio.

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