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Dana Dupuis


A pioneer and expert in listening intelligence, Dana Dupuis has spent her career exploring corporate communication and interpersonal collaboration to understand their effects on organizational well-being. Early in her career, Dana began to see listening as an essential facet of healthy corporate communication.

Dana pursued her own research, partnering with neuroscientists, clinical psychologists, and communication professionals. From this research, Dana and her team developed a cognitive-based listening assessment which is scientifically grounded and statistically reliable. This assessment has broad application in helping organizations develop sales teams, improve management decision-making, and accelerate cultural on-boarding. Dana is a renowned speaker, presenter, and consultant.

As a key member of Mandel Communications’ executive team, she provides ongoing research into how listening serves management and leadership development. Dana is a member of The International Listening Association, where she speaks annually.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dana-dupuis-speakerTwitter: @DanaDListening

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