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Daniel Siegel


Dr. Daniel Siegel’s areas of research include the creation of engaging instructional content by using various instructional design approaches, educational game design and the implementation of data analytic software in change management practices. Dr. Siegel published a book on accepting technology and overcoming resistance to change using the instructional model he developed called the Motivation and Acceptance Model (2008). Recently, he was published in The Journal of Technology Studies (2018) and co-authored Design and Development of Training Games: Practical Guidelines from a Multidisciplinary Perspective (2015). He was the principle investigator for "Developing the Use of Google and Cloud Computing" (2013) at the Orange County Public School system, and the principal investigator for the "Full Sail Pirate Plunder Edugame" (2012). Dr. Siegel has also researched and implemented peer-reviewed based customized instructional solutions for over 16,000 Stanford University employees through a seamless transition to paperless medical records using simulations and instructor-led training over multiple platforms, devices, and methods of delivery.

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