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Debra France


Debra France drives leadership development at W.L. Gore & Associates. Since it was founded in 1958, W.L. Gore & Associates has operated in a non-hierarchical manner to optimize its ability to innovate. Debra helps teams articulate Gore's organic processes for developing leaders and fostering innovation, so this wisdom can be embedded into the design of learning experiences and organizational processes. For more than two decades she has led design teams that provide learning support for technologists and leaders. She previously served as the Learning Leader for SEMATECH, the semiconductor manufacturing research consortium, and managed executive and management development at Dell. She earned masters' degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Texas at Austin, and a doctorate from Columbia University. Her dissertation study focused on cultural practices that create conducive environments for innovators. In addition to researching and designing learning for innovators and their leaders, Debra has engaged in the study and application of innovative learning design to support the development of adult learners and leaders in technology environments.

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