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Husseini Zakaria


As a transformative leader specializing in consulting, instructional design, performance management, talent development, and organization development, Husseini Zakaria has excelled in crafting highly effective strategies across diverse industries.

Operationally, Husseini has contributed more than 800 hours in consultation, focusing on culture transformation and human capital development. His strategic acumen was key in the conceptualization and execution of a Nationalization Plan for Saudi Hotels, including an operational revamp of the world’s largest hotel complex in Makkah. Certified in Business Excellence, his approach transcends traditional performance metrics, focusing instead on culture transformation, talent management, and performance metrics.

Husseini spearheaded a novel Leadership Development Program for Saudi National Heads of Departments and Assistant General Managers, culminating in the appointment of the first female Saudi General Manager, a groundbreaking moment for the industry. Additionally, he innovated a universal performance metric, the Accor Capability Framework, benefitting more than 15,000 trainees globally.

His pivotal role in Accor’s Service Culture Transformation Program, custom-designed for 500+ hotels in the Middle East, earned him the prestigious Accor Bernache of Honor for culture and women empowerment.

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