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James Bennett


James Bennett has been an innovator in education technology for almost two decades. He has published papers on education reform through technology, and has authored several college textbooks on media design. As a professional educator, he has managed teams of instructional designers for 36 colleges and served as a subject matter expert in learning for the corporate sector. His presentations at professional education conferences have included topics such as innovations in education technology and the cognitive neuroscience of learning. In the area of adaptive learning, James has participated in the single largest rollout of adaptive learning systems in education, developed and implemented a successful pilot for integrating adaptive and teacher-led instruction, and initiated the concept of multicourse learning path, and introduced them to two of the largest adaptive products on the market. In the adaptive learning courses implemented under his guidance, he has seen a documented increase of 20 percent in learner performance and mastery of competencies. He has also written articles and a guide for educators that are considering adaptive technologies. James holds a bachelor of fine arts from Ball State University, a master of fine arts from the University of South Florida, and a number of professional development and technical certifications, including HTML, JavaScripting, and Online Tutoring, from the University of Oxford.

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