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Jeff O’Malley

director for executive and team coaching


Jeff O’Malley is director for executive and team coaching at the Partnership for Public Service. He manages a team of experienced coaches and provides strategic guidance to the Partnership for Public Service’s leadership development programs, which have reached thousands of federal leaders over the course of his tenure. Additionally, he develops and facilitates content across a wide variety of programs and sessions and spends a significant amount of time coaching federal executive and nonexecutive leaders.

O’Malley has a quarter-century’s worth of experience in the leadership development field, directing programs reaching thousands of executive and nonexecutive leaders worldwide. He is also an ICF-certified coach with years of coaching experience and has served at executive-level positions in several organizations. In addition to program management and coaching, O’Malley has many years of experience as a facilitator and content designer and is an expert in the field of emotional intelligence.

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