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Jeff Scott Miller, CPTD

Principal Training Specialist


Scott Miller is an instructional designer at the Nevada National Security Site. He was introduced to the world of corporate and workforce training while in the US Navy’s Submarine forcer 25 years ago. Since leaving the Navy, he earned a BS and an MS Ed from Southern Illinois University in Workforce Education and Development.

Over the past 10 years, he has worked as a training coordinator for the world’s second largest Borate Mine, freelance instructional designer, and a technical writer. In 2016, he answered a Facebook posting asking for former Navy Nukes or Submariners who have experience in developing, delivering, and managing training, and was hired to be a training coordinator. He has since moved from the training management team to the content development team, where he has helped design and develop training materials for up to 5,000 government employees and contractors.

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