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Jennifer Stanford



As the CEO of Emergent Performance Solutions, Jennifer is a sought-after trust coach and organizational change expert with 25 years of experience in high-level change consulting. She helps organizations understand the impacts, processes, and feelings associated with change. She has a notable reputation for innovation, creativity, and reliability. Her entrepreneurial spirit balanced with years of practical experience provides opportunities to create fun and exciting experiences that produce desired results. She is considered an expert in emotional intelligence and uses this knowledge to coach, teach, and consult with uniquely complex organizations such as the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, HPE, Cisco, Indeed, Coca-Cola, tech start-ups, financial firms, and ministry leaders. She works to transform organizations and teams during critical times while ensuring the fostering of excellent relationships and collaboration. She considers herself a servant leader and enjoys that role both in business and her community. She is a published author, executive coach, Vistage Worldwide speaker, mother of two awesome adult children, and a dog and cat lover. She is a proud Radford University grad and member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She lives with her (retired Army 1SG) husband of 29 years in Loudoun County, Virginia

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