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Jim Pepitone


Dr. Jim Pepitone is a managing partner at DesignedWORK, consultants and advisors specializing in the design of knowledge work and productivity of knowledge workers. Jim's current work focuses on advising operations executives and managers on transitioning to more productive work design and management practices. He also volunteers as a contributing practitioner-scholar and trustee for the nonprofit Humaneering Institute. Previously, Jim was the managing director of Pepitone Berkshire Piaget, an operations improvement consulting firm he co-founded to specialize in human performance within people-dependent operations. During this time Jim authored four books, including Future Training: A Roadmap for Restructuring the Training Function, and assisted many training and development functions have a greater impact on business performance. Jim began his career with nine years in industry roles, first as a sales representative with Owens Corning, and later as a product manager and then VP of sales for Automation Industries. Jim has a BBA in operations management and MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, plus an MS in organization development and EdD in change management from Pepperdine University.

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