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Kris Schaeffer, CPTD



I have a calling. I continue to learn and to teach what I know. Instructional design lets me unleash the mighty skills of an expert so this can be imparted to others. Working with Conscious Capitalism engages with who are a force for good in the world.

I believe that our highest talents should be used to help others. I founded the Community Outreach Program which united ATD and Organization Development Network professionals to provide their services to Bay Area (San Francisco) non profits. For that long term commitment to public service, my local ATD chapter awarded me a lifetime volunteer achievement award.

Professionally, I build sales and customer service cultures where customers and employees thrive. We (Kris Schaeffer & Associates) do this through an inspiring customer discovery process, customer CARE improvement projects, and training for the entire company -- customer facing, customer support, and all leaders -- in CARE skills.

I still contribute to my local ATD chapter and teach Instructional Design workshops twice a year. I am also a regular blogger of Conscious Capitalism CEOs to fill the airways with stories of good companies doing extraordinary things when guided by a higher purpose and values.

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