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Kymberly Garrett

Chief People Officer


Kymberly Garrett has held the position of chief people and diversity officer at Children’s Bureau of Southern California for the last three years. Kymberly works with an amazing people support services team as well as the executive leadership team in driving engagement, connections, and performance through innovative learning programs that are just-in-time opportunity tools that can be used immediately from the classroom. Furthering this commitment to learning, Children’s Bureau University has an annual requirement of a minimum of 40 learning hours per person.

Additionally, Kymberly is proud to lead the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement at Children’s Bureau that centers on building and sustaining a culture of community and belonging. This movement is incorporated throughout the organization from the board of directors and executive leadership team and throughout leadership and staff. Kymberly has developed two programs Perspectives and Perceptions and Elevating Our Inclusive Leadership From Within. The two-year programs align directly with the DEI work, engaging past graduates as advocates and facilitators. Children’s Bureau of Southern of California is a proud two-year recipient of the ATD BEST award for its commitment to organizational excellence through learning.

Kymberly holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management with an emphasis in organization development and makes Los Angeles, California, her home.

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