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Lior Student is a wordsmith who drinks too much coffee. Lior is the founder of Make a Point, a 5-step message-development process and a message-crafting app. Since 2005, Lior has dedicated her career to the art of crystalizing ideas, articulating their essence and delivering a message that gets results. Lior believes in the power of words to seize opportunities. Lior works globally with data-dumpers, buzz-word-addicts, slide-dependents and I've-got-no-time-executives; her clients include Microsoft, Applied Materials, Cisco, Amdocs, NICE, EY. Lior drives the messaging process, teaches new ways of thinking, asks, listens, pushes, focuses, refines and challenges – to move individuals, teams and organizations from ideas to memorable messages. Everyday, Lior Student sets out on a journey with thinkers, idea creators and focus seekers, traveling from raw ideas to memorable messages.

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