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Nancy Mikkelsen

Prinicipal | Keyboard Consulting


I am a dedicated Learning professional with 25+ years of training program development and senior managerial experience who believes in the power of being POSITIVE and working with people to help them grow and learn.

I have had the pleasure of working with leaders in organizations from all over the globe on leadership development programs which is my passion. I have also been privileged to work with learners on sales training, career coaching and recruitment strategies as well as some highly technical education using my engineering background. I have a rich history in helping others develop competencies and skills in the new realm of learning technology and integration of blended learning solutions to achieve results.

My other passion is theater and I also own a mobile dinner theatre group-Ovation Dinner Theatre! Artistic pursuits in theater , both on and off stage, and my learning passions intersect beautifully.

I am a National Member of ATD and also served on several local chapter boards during my career.

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