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Neil Ifill

Sr. Instructional Designer


Dr. Neil Ifill is a manager of learning and development, specializing in learning and instructional design. In his mind, developing good relationships with clients create a sense of partnership instead of simple client/provider engagement.

He holds a PhD in Business Management, with a specialization in Management Education, from Capella University and an MS in Management, specializing in Organization Development, from The Catholic University of America. Neil has multiple academic and contemporary interests but is most interested in organizational learning and the confluence of organizational culture and leadership. He believes that we live in a world that is full of answers, and we need to have the courage to ask more questions.

Neil was born in Barbados, and his career has spanned hospitality, human resources, and L&D. He is always up for learning new things.

“My defaults for learning are books, academic articles, journalistic magazines, YouTube, and Masterclass. But some of the best learning can come from discussions with others, especially when you have little knowledge about the subject or disagree with their perspectives.” – Neil Ifill

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