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Norman Arosemena

Senior Instructional Designer


With more than 12 years of experience in the field, Norman Arosemena is an industrial engineer and a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance who enjoys bringing a touch of humor to the world of training with the mantra of “Fun = Better Learning.” Before jumping into the world of franchise and retail, Norman worked in multiple industries such as airlines, food packaging and safety, and food retailers, allowing him to hone his skills in different settings, each with very specific requirements when it came to training and performance solutions.

An avid fan of technology and a self-proclaimed “learning geek,” Norman is always looking for ways to bring the latest and greatest in technology into the universe of adult learning to discover new and exciting ways to make learning fun, engaging, and, most importantly, effective.

When he is not nose-deep in the Internet looking for new ideas, Norman enjoys hanging out with his dogs, a good movie or TV show, or a sunny day at the beach.

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