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Wafaa Haidamous


Wafaa Haidamous is a distinguished consultant and global trainer, boasting an impressive career spanning more than 25 years across various industries. Her unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise has given her a competitive edge, shaping a unique approach to her training methodology. Wafaa consistently updates training programs across diverse sectors, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness. Recognized for her dynamic approach and practical experience, she has garnered accolades from partners with whom she has collaborated. Highly regarded for her ability to develop tailored learning solutions, Wafaa actively seeks partnerships with institutions to address specific management, HRM, and HRD needs.

Wafaa holds several certifications and accreditations. She is the founder and CEO of BCTS-Business Consultancy and Training Services, Lebanon. She holds an MBA in marketing and a PhD in economics. Additionally, she is accredited by the UK in TMSDI, a certified coach from the Coaching Academy-UK, a certified master NLP practitioner from Richard Bandler, a master trainer from Pearson International, and a senior member of ISTD. She is a Certified ROI Professional - CRP from the ROI Institute Inc, USA.

In her extensive career, Wafaa has taken on consultancy, training, and coaching responsibilities across myriad projects and topics. She has conducted studies, assessments, training needs analyses, train-the-trainer sessions, and return on investments projects. Notably, she established a sales academy for various local and international institutions.

Wafaa’s project experience spans Lebanon, GCC, and the MENA region, covering diverse sectors such as hospitals, banks, universities, industries, international NGOs, retail, the service industry, embassies, and ministries.

In addition, Wafaa is a professor at the Lebanese University, where she teaches different courses related to her major.

Her commitment to excellence is evident in her role as the head of the “MoreThanAJob” Project ENICBCMED-Lebanon and as the chair of conference and certification at IFTDO-International Federation for Training and Development Organizations.

Wafaa continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of facilitation and training, contributing significantly to the development and success of organizations across the globe.

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