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Wendy Axelrod


For three decades, as a corporate HR executive and external consultant, Wendy Axelrod has helped organizations substantially increase their development efforts, working directly with thousands of people. Her particular expertise is helping managers and mentors become exceptional at growing the talent of others. Her first book “Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results” identified 5 research-based practices that distinguish exceptional developmental managers who seamlessly weave development with performance. Expert reviewers of her second book, published by ATD, identified “10 Steps to Successful Mentoring” as the most complete and practical guide for succeeding with mentoring relationships.

Wendy's works have appeared in SmartBriefs on Leadership; AMA’s Moving Ahead, Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, and books such as ATD’s “Management Development Handbook”. Wendy speaks at conferences including the ATD, The Conference Board, Human Resource Planning Society, and HR Summit Asia, as well as corporate events.

Wendy’s clients include Fortune 100 companies and medium-sized firms in the US and globally. She is also affiliated with KornFerry, AchieveForum, The Institute for Management Studies, and AthenaOnline.

Passionate about development Wendy is the creator and moving force behind the renowned Philadelphia region’s Mentoring Program for HR Professionals begun in 2002; and has been dubbed as the region’s “Mentoring Guru.” She has formally mentored dozens of women and men. Wendy consults with companies to strengthen mentoring programs as a key component of their Talent Development strategies. Learn more about Wendy at www.WendyAxelrodPhD.com

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