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Subject matter experts (SMEs) play a valuable role in any learning program, but working with them is not always easy. In “Secrets to Successful SME Projects,” Sarah Wakefield and Patty Murdock explain how training developers can cultivate a productive relationship with their SMEs.
This issue of TD at Work provides specific steps to follow before, during, and after the development of your learning program. The authors follow an instructional designer and a SME through the process, showing what each stage looks like and what the designer can do to ensure that the project runs smoothly.
In this issue, you will find:

  • tips for choosing SMEs
  • a step-by-step plan for a kickoff meeting
  • advice on what to do when things go wrong
  • a risk mitigation chart
  • a discussion of prototyping versus detailed drafting
  • dos and don’ts for successful debriefs.
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ISBN: 9781562866952
Pages: 24
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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Thank you for providing such an informative and realistic approach to working with SMEs. I've been working with SMEs for over 30 years and this [email protected] guide is spot on! You nailed it. I especially appreciated the section for debriefing projects after launch. When to declare the project is done is a real bugger for internal consultants and this impacts when to debrief it. By the time a debrief is scheduled, most folks don't want to attend, can't remember or how moved on long ago. Nice Work
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