Diane Senffner

Diane Senffner, M.Ed. is the CEO of Cine Learning Productions, a recognized leader in the field of eLearning and educational video. She has her Master’s Degree in Adult Learning/Distance Education and over eighteen years' experience creating award winning courses and video in both the public and private sectors all over the globe. Her research and theories in story-based learning have been published and Cine Learning is now known worldwide for this method of eLearning design and educational video.  In February 2015, she wrote the cover story for TD Magazine titled ‘Story Time: A Case for Storytelling Beyond the Classroom’ and in 2016 co-authored the  popular TD at Work publication ‘Blended Learning That Works’ with Leslie Kepler.  In 2016, Cine Learning won the prestigious TTV Award for the National Best Educational Video!