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Jackie Lebihan
Jackie Lebihan is a writer, healthcare researcher, social entrepreneur, and consultant. She enjoys studying and writing about health care, with a particular interest in learning and performance issues in the health professions. Jackie recently served as a director for the Integrated Care Leadership Network (ICLN), a nonprofit with a mission to build capacity for improving care across the healthcare continuum through innovative learning exchanges and targeted training. She also helped launch an innovative social learning enabled platform, MyWikiCare, to support learning and online collaboration between healthcare professionals, faculty, and students. Jackie consults with healthcare organizations around strategy, design, and implementation of education and learning initiatives to improve organizational capacity for transformational change. She received her Masters of Science in Health Administration and Interprofessional Leadership from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where she also served as a teaching assistant to the program. Follow her on Twitter at @LebihanJ where she shares news and ideas about the intersection of healthcare, education, and technology.