Jim Morris
Jim Morris is a senior facilitator and project manager for Schouten Global. Jim lives and breathes culture: English by nationality, he lives in the Netherlands and works all over the world facilitating professional learning and development. He specialises in intercultural communication training programmes. Jim grew up in the UK, where he started his career. He has 19 years experience working in the international world of shipping and logistics, working in and leading intercultural teams, and lived for long periods in Australia and Canada. In 2008 Jim moved to Schouten Global and has worked extensively throughout Central Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America, running workshops and delivering keynote speeches. Jim is author of the game, “Cultural Calling Cards” (published 2014). Jim has written 2 books “With friendly vegetables” (published 2010) and "The Eight Great Beacons of Cultural Awareness", (published 2016).