Lalaine Gedal




The credibility and market value of a company rests in ensuring its staff are the most knowledgeable and trusted in the industry.  This is achieved by providing the highest level of training and education, both internally to staff as well as externally to clients & patients.



Senior Executive, Training & Education/Learning & Development within the Healthcare and Medical Devices sector. Instrumental in the creation and execution of internal learning strategies across multiple portfolios within Medical Devices and Diagnostics, and infusing these initiatives with innovative tools & technologies that impact varied types of learners.  


A strong leader who collaborates effectively across commercial teams, global marketing, clinical affairs, product development, R&D and other relevant stakeholders, to develop best-in-class instruction to global sales force, distributors / resellers and ultimately the client (physician) and end-user (patients).


Consistent achiever, resulting in several Awards / Recognitions during my career, including:


·      Intellectual Contribution Award, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, LEAD Program: Corporate Innovation

·       ENCORE Platinum Award, Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific (November 2016)

·       Appointed to Governance Team of J&J, APAC (September 2016)

·       Designated as Regional TEDx JNJ Ambassador Asia Pacific (June 2016)

·       Regional Product Manager of the Year Award, Tyco Healthcare-APAC (October 2005)

·       Recognition Pin, Tenet Healthcare Corporation for 5-year continuous term of employment in excellent standing (June 2003)

·       Award of Excellence, Tenet HealthCare Corporation for attaining highest level of patient care & satisfaction, California, USA (October 2002)