Lisa Dahmus

Lisa Dahmus is a Leadership Development Director and author with over 17 years of experience building teams and leading culture change initiatives in corporations and nonprofits. Her passion is helping leaders foster creativity and enhance the performance of their teams as well as enabling individuals to be their best at work. 


Lisa has led culture change and learning initiatives at Dow and DuPont; was a consultant for nonprofit boards including the Red Cross of Detroit; and has published, delivered workshops, and taught courses in the areas of organizational behavior and culture change. She earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas and an MBA with a focus in organizational behavior and human resources from the University of Michigan.


Currently, Lisa is a Leadership Development Director at Honeywell where she is responsible for developing and deploying the learning strategy for leaders across the organization. In her free time, Lisa enjoys figure skating and spending time with her sisters, niece, and nephews in Austin, TX and Minneapolis, MN.