Richard Watson

I am a Learning & Development professional who is passionate about solving problems and mentoring others. In everything I do, I focus on helping others and being easy to work with. I work with clients from all over the world to connect the right learning solutions with their business problems. Sometimes that means pushing the boundaries of e-Learning applications to build results-focused learning materials; other times I lead a community of Learning & Development professionals to help them develop professionally.

For clients, I provide a full suite of Learning & Development services. I start by working with them to analyze their business needs and then develop custom e-Learning solutions that deliver the results they’re seeking. Through thoughtful use of presentations, simulations, and assessments, I create learning experiences that guide learners through their own development while producing measurable results for the business. For my peers in the e-Learning community, I provide mentoring and guidance that helps them develop professionally and pushes the boundaries of the e-Learning field. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise with others in a variety of forums, including Articulate Challenges, ASTD panels, and even my own blog series, “Succeeding and an e-Learning Freelancer.” I enjoy creating practical resources, articles, online training, and books that provide opportunities to connect my colleagues with solutions and each other.

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