Rosemary Jean-Louis

As a Training Content Manager at SunTrust Bank, I manage new hire training programs - instructor led and web based and a SharePoint product knowledge base intranet site - for the consumer lending line of business. I joke that I am  in essence a "SME wrangler";  I rustle up information from various product managers to ensure training materials are accurate and rewrite content in layperson's terms. 

  Prior to coming to SunTrust,  I spent the majority of my career as a  communications professional working in  cable news, marketing/pr and digital content and social media management.  Since I was an early adopter of the latter, I was tapped to teach others how to use digital platforms technically and communicate on them effectively. I shared this expertise as a  Digital Content Manager at the  local PBS and  NPR radio affiliate Georgia Public Broadcasting. I trained journalists, staffers, classroom teachers and volunteers. 
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