What are your "lessons learned" as you povited from classroom to virtual delivery of training?

Published: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, leadership development courses in my organization were primarily delivered in a traditional classroom-based environment.   Given the current state of social distancing and avoiding large groups, we are pivoting to delivering courses through virtual classrooms. From a strategic perspective, we had been planning to evolve our digital learning platforms over the next 24 months.  However, current conditions have shifted that goal to a much higher priority with an expectation of fast implementation. 

To begin this process, we have:

    • conducted a quick (informal) assessment of skills across the L&OD team to align people to tasks based on strengths in developing online learning and support development for those who are less skilled
    • aligned on the development process we are using (working in sprints to move fast, focusing on minimum viable products, then revise as needed)
    • prioritized the courses to revise from classroom to virtual
    • started work on our first course by:
      • focusing first on deconstructing the classroom-based content
      • identifying virtual/digital methods of delivery for each learning module
      • beginning to revise content for on-line delivery

As we are making this shift fast, I'd like to hear how other healthcare organizations are experiencing this shift and any lessons learned.   Please share your experience, success, and challenges.  

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We're relying upon pre-work assignments. Pre-work can be completed at the learner's availability prior to attending the session. We then use the virtual synchronous session as a lab to discuss key concepts and practice core competencies. We're able to engage from the start of the session. As a result, the virtual sessions are more efficient and, therefore, require less time.
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My organization moved our two week in person onboarding to remote onboarding in two days in March. I spent most of those two convincing leadership that the way we deliver classroom setting training does not work completely in the virtual world. So we broke apart every session and made them all more interactive. Also we had to look at the schedule structure of onboarding and tweak it. People need more breaks in virtual training. Now we are prioritizing content to redesign as elearning.
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my team has been working primarily on moving our system and facility specific orientations online. We need to tackle our leadership courses next
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