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Fried Training Talk- Impact Of Technology

Published: Friday, October 18, 2019
Updated: Friday, October 18, 2019

     New learning technologies are exciting. Sometimes they have great impact on how training is designed, and sometimes it only impacts those aspects of training that are generally hidden from the learners (like record keeping, scheduling, even developing).

     Recently we were looking at a link to some new technology that put whiteboard writing onto a computer (I don't want this to be an advertisement so if you want the link, contact me privately and I can send it to you). This created a discussion of not only how it would impact our upcoming designs, but also about what impact it might have on trainings we already have designed. (In our case the biggest impact would have been on design for remote learners.)

     The reality is, new technology happens all the time and sometimes it is a great help. The unintended consequence can be that learners will ask, why aren’t you using the technology for this older training? This may mean we have to go back and redesign things we didn’t plan on.


     How many of you have run into new learning tech that impacted your design after you had already started (or even finished) designing your learning? If you are willing, please comment below about how you handled the impact of your new tech.

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