Fried Training Talk- Instructional Design Horror Stories

Published: Friday, November 1, 2019
Updated: Friday, November 01, 2019

     In honor of Halloween being celebrated in the United States (and an Allen Interactions webinar I attended this week) I thought I’d talk a little about Instructional Design Horror stories. I shared this story in the webinar:

     My largest ID Horror story came while working for a company that didn't like it's LMS (which definitely did have issues), they decided they needed a new one and asked me to review it. I found that the new system met none of their requirements, and was a bad choice for them. Because of budget and timeline the bought it anyway, and asked me to redesign the full catalog of ELearning (about 3 years of design work) so it looked good and functioned in the new system. 6 months later the company asked for a refund on the LMS and reverted to the original LMS and what had become outdated content.

     So what is your most horrifying training design story and since it is no longer Halloween perhaps you could share what you did to overcome your horror story?


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