Developing Strategic Thinking Skills to Defeat Bad Strategy

New research conducted with 400 learning and development managers showed that less than half of organizations have a universal definition and common understanding of strategy. This may be explained by the fact that only one out of every four organizations teaches strategy skills. Since the number 1 cause of business failure 80 percent of the time is bad or nonexistent strategy, creating a common language and understanding of strategy is critical to long-term success. Consider managers in your organization—do they all have the same definition and understanding of strategy? Many of the barriers to good strategy are internal—things like fire drills, too many priorities, silos, and bad meetings all contribute to the challenges your managers face in trying to achieve their goals and develop plans to get there. In this webcast, Rich Horwath, CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, provides an entertaining and engaging approach using superheroes and villains to arm you with frameworks and tools to help your team develop their strategic thinking capabilities. In this webcast, you’ll learn: -what strategy is—and is not -a simple framework to develop a common language for strategy -the 3A Strategic Thinking Framework to transform strategy from an annual event to a daily mindset and actionable skill -the three primary internal barriers to good strategy and how to overcome them -how to change dull, unproductive meetings and teleconferences into true strategy conversations.

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