Rich Horwath
Rich Horwath is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author on strategy. As CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, he leads executive teams through the strategy process and has helped more than 50,000 managers around the world develop their strategic thinking skills. A former chief strategy officer and professor of strategy, Rich brings both real-world experience and practical expertise to help companies build their strategic capabilities. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, and FOX TV, and is recognized in the textbook Strategy in the 21st Century as one of the key contributors in the history of strategic management for his thought leadership in the field of strategic thinking. Rich's innovative work in the field of strategic thinking has created dozens of proprietary offerings, including group workshops, strategy assessments, mobile apps, workbooks, strategic learning management systems, podcasts, videos, and one-to-one strategic coaching. His monthly e-publication, Strategic Thinker, is read by thousands of business leaders and academicians around the world.