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Translating 360 Feedback Into Real Professional Growth.jpg Insight

Translating 360 Feedback Into Real Professional Growth

Candid, constructive feedback can be one of the most powerful tools in a leader’s professional growth. Yet for many leaders, obtaining clear, useful feedback that moves their careers feels akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

4 Learning Science Trends to Watch.jpg Insight

HR in the Work-From-Home Age

HR teams have to adapt their approaches during this work-from-home age to ensure they have their employees and organizations set up for success.

3 Ways Stories Drive Change.jpg Insight

3 Ways Stories Drive Change

Compelling narratives are at the heart of what drives human behavior because stories have a keen way of tapping into our underlying beliefs and attitudes.

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  • ATD works with strategic partners and member network to provide the latest contents and services to talent development professionals in Americas.
  • Brazilian Association of Training and Development (ABTD)
    BTD is the Brazilian Association of Training and Development. Our mission is to support companies and training and development professionals to perform their jobs with excellence. We provide workshops, studies, and specialized content in the human development field.
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    ATD Member Network Mexico
    ATD Member Network Mexico supports ATD members and non-members to build knowledge, share solutions, ideas, best practices, and to network locally in Mexico.