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Annual Report

Best practices on creating an annual report for your chapter.

CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS CHAPTER: Using ChatGPT to Create Faster, Higher Quality Annual Reports

SUMMARY: To streamline the reporting process, the Central Massachusetts Chapter utilized ChatGPT and ChatGPTSplitter to summarize past programs and board meeting minutes to help draft the chapter’s annual report and its executive summary. While the ChatGPT output did require additional editing, the use of AI technologies allowed the board to complete the report in a fraction of the time with a higher quality end product.

YEAR: 2024

HAWAII CHAPTER: 2018 Journey Highlight Film

SUMMARY: During the 2017 ALC, the chapter decided to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement. As part of this mindset, the board used Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) to create metrics for a chapter health dashboard. Additionally, the board captured video of the chapter practicing its mission in action to demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement as well as its other value, local-global balance. During the chapter’s year-end celebration, the board premiered the video, which included the chapter’s metrics dashboard, continuous improvement efforts, and candid shots from every event. Through the video, the team created a marketing tool exhibiting the value of local and national membership and promoting upcoming events.

YEAR: 2018

KANSAS CITY CHAPTER: Annual Report with Infographic

SUMMARY: The chapter's board of directors worked together to gather data for its annual report, which included information from the chapter's annual survey. To make the data more reader-friendly and increase readership, the chapter developed an infographic to convey the survey results.

YEAR: 2015

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