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Ask a Trainer Video: Designing Blended Learning

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I’ve always been a firm believer that learning is a process, not an event. If we operate with that line of thinking, it becomes clear that it’s our responsibility to design experiences that support the learning process over time. A great way to do this is by designing blended learning. But how can you get started?

For this month’s episode of Ask a Trainer, I invited Brian Washburn, author of What’s Your Formula?, to help me answer your questions about using video in learning. Enjoy!

This Ask a Trainer video explores how to design blended learning.
In this video, Tim Slade and Brian Washburn answer questions about designing blended learning.Questions answered in this video:-“What are some of the common challenges when designing blended learning and how do you get around these?” (2:44)-“When is blended learning most effective and when should it be avoided?” (7:54)-“What new developments in learning design do you think are making the biggest impact on blended learning options?” (12:53)Connect with Tim Slade:- Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: with Brian Washburn:- LinkedIn: Twitter: in submitting a question for a future video? Each month, we solicit your questions on LinkedIn and Twitter around a common topic. You can submit your questions by posting on LinkedIn or Twitter with the #ATDAskATrainer hashtag. Check out the complete Ask a Trainer advice column at


What other tips do you have about designing blended learning? Share them by commenting below.


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Tim Slade is a speaker, author, award-winning
e-learning designer, and author of The eLearning
Designer’s Handbook.

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This was a great video. It reinforced what I have been doing and provided the language I need to communicate effectively. I especially liked the conversation regarding the need to communicate
to stakeholders expectations in a blended learning process. Thanks!
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Great conversation with really meaty content! The 1 thing I take huge exception to was Brian quoting research that says eLearning is more effective than in-person learning. No way! As a former teacher of 20 years and current trainer of 10+ years, I don't believe that for one second! Exhibits A-Z: The learning loss that took place with students during virtual school last year. If eLearning is more effective than a certain in-person training session, that trainer should RETIRE a-s-a-p.
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Great video!
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