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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Digital transformation and upskilling are critical to employees around the world.

LinkedIn Learning’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report opines that “L&D’s star is rocketing” and that over the past year it has become more influential. The survey found that three-quarters of L&D leaders indicated that L&D is becoming more cross-functional, 62 percent agreed that L&D is focused on rebuilding or shaping their organization in 2022, and 87 percent of L&D leaders said that L&D has a great deal of involvement in helping their organization adapt to change. Furthermore, according to the report, L&D team budgets are on the rise. They’re expected to increase 40 percent in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; 51 percent in North America; and 57 percent in the Asia-Pacific.

The report likewise identifies primary areas of focus for L&D programs around the world as upskilling and reskilling employees, leadership and management training, and digital upskilling and reskilling. When ATD President and CEO Tony Bingham spoke virtually at the 10th ATD Japan Summit, he touched on those areas and called out that despite the many challenges we’ve had working, connecting, and collaborating during the pandemic, it would have been worse without technology. Virtual global sessions during ATD22 will delve deeper into those topics with insights from experts around the world.

Middle East. During the “Upskilling and Reskilling Talent: Digital Transformation” session, people and performance experts will talk strategy for increasing long-term agility, aligning strategy with organizational needs, and giving employees an active role in the change management process, to name a few topics.

Latin America. Helping employees remain engaged, ensuring their well-being, leveraging crisis as an opportunity for innovation, and enhancing productivity are among the topics up for discussion during the “Build Resilience, Accelerate Performance, Nurture Well-Being” session.

Asia Pacific. In the “Reimagining Productivity in a Remote or Hybrid Working Environment” session, panelists will explore such questions as: How does remote work affect culture and performance? What are the benefits and challenges of flexible work? How can we effectively measure and monitor productivity in a hybrid workplace?

Europe. The panel of experts for the “Digital Learning Postpandemic: Opportunities, Challenges, and Realities” session will examine how digital learning is shaping learning technology decisions and business objectives, the challenges of the new learning landscape and how to tackle them, and how to reimagine your organization’s virtual strategy to deal with digital fatigue.

Africa. What does it mean to be a truly agile leader? How are L&D practitioners using leadership frameworks to lead transformation? And how can leaders embrace vulnerability and compassion depending on their leadership style to help their people thrive? Panelists for the “Strategic Leadership in Supporting Business Transformation” session will respond to those questions and more.

Global. The culminating session, “Future-Proof Your Organization,” will offer global insights to critical issues such as upskilling and reskilling employees to enable them to perform competitively, advancing the Generation Z workforce to retain tomorrow’s top talent, and furthering L&D as true business partners.

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