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How Animation Can Help Government Agencies Overcome Workforce Challenges

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

One of the most concerning issues facing learning and development (L&D) professionals within the federal government is an aging workforce. With more employees poised to retire in the coming years, a shortage of trained personnel who know how to do their jobs looms on the horizon.

A new generation that is not accustomed to the training styles of yesteryear will be expected to fill the knowledge gap. To attract younger candidates and sway them from the private sector, federal agencies will need to evolve their training programs to meet challenges in these key areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Skills gaps
  • Talent development
  • Leadership and career progression

As mission readiness is a primary concern for the government workforce, agencies will need to heavily invest in effective L&D programs for their employees. This is easier said than done. Historically, government L&D programs have suffered from low engagement and retention rates. In addition, a large portion of the workforce is distributed remotely making it difficult to provide cohesive and concise training with outmoded methodology.

Animated videos offer a solution to these problems. Thanks to their visual format, animated videos are easy to synthesize providing a cost effective and versatile way to communicate a wide range of information.

Here are some ways animation can be used to overcome the challenges facing L&D professionals in the public sector:

  • Provide an overview of the organizational structure of the agency.
  • Introduce new policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Enhance engagement for L&D.
  • Establish a culture of learning.
  • Provide content in a centralized hub for knowledge management.
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

As government agencies continue to grow, so should the diversity of their workforce. This means promoting an inclusive culture is a top priority. Animated videos provide a great way to communicate messages about equity and inclusion in the workplace.

By sharing stories that reflect the lived experiences of employees, government agencies can help everyone feel seen, heard, and valued. Establishing a culture where everyone feels like they belong allows employees to feel accepted and more likely to strive for success when carrying out their duties.


Animation allows for fully customizable characters that can represent people from all backgrounds. Implemented correctly, it has the power to attract and retain talent, enhance employee development, and promote an innovative work environment.

Using screen-based technologies and the internet, we have access to an incredible amount of technologies that can easily be used to capture, store, and share information.

This easy distribution allows agencies to provide training to their workforce no matter where they are fostering a culture of team learning to maintain a high level of mission readiness.

If you are an L&D professional serving the federal sector, consider using animated videos as part of your training program.

About the Author

Adrian Pineda is a content marketing specialist with Vyond. He has worked in public affairs, journalism, and print and broadcast media. Adrian also studied web design and new media technology, along with writing for film, television, and digital media products at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

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