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Hybrid Onboarding: A Candidate’s Experience

Wednesday, December 22, 2021
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Recently, I had the privilege of joining Vyond’s hybrid team as their new marketing communications specialist. Throughout my hiring and onboarding, video played a huge part in finding my way at Vyond.

The unprecedented global pandemic continues to challenge many aspects of our lives. All of us have come up with clever solutions to some of the most disrupting changes we’ve faced, including how we interact with others. Video conferences, instant messaging, and calls have kept us together as we face uncertainty and change. It’s no surprise, then, that hiring processes have also begun to change.

I am no stranger to the traditional hiring practices of the past. During the last four months, I experienced my fair share of struggles: computer issues, internet connection problems, and some instances of “your microphone is muted.” While I welcome video interviews because they mean I can avoid long commutes and the difficulty of finding a parking spot, I could not avoid the headache caused by a confusing candidate experience.

After several tedious video interviews, unclear expectations, and a lack of effective communication, I began to lose motivation. Quickly, the process became monotonous as I saw myself missing the fun aspects of human communication like nonverbal cues and expressions of emotion. Burnout was imminent.

While continuing my search for an opportunity in the field of digital marketing, I stumbled upon a company with a versatile product: Vyond. Their belief in concise and enjoyable communication through animated videos caught my curiosity. Their mission to make video animation production accessible and more affordable while simplifying the creation of content compelled me to apply.

Vyond quickly and effectively communicated their brand identity and mission through video. They enticed me with a short video explaining the company, what they do, and why working for them can be fun.


To my surprise, Vyond also provided a short video explaining some of the topics covered during the introductory phone call with the hiring manager. The quick and friendly video described the next steps in the interviewing and hiring processes.

The step-by-step video was encouraging, easy to follow, and effective at stating what happens next. Not to mention that the visuals, tone, and language used enticed me to continue learning more.

As my journey with Vyond began, I prepared myself to endure the customary onboarding procedures that usually involve a lot of paperwork and boring training. In pre-COVID times, the onboarding process was a hands-on experience that involved constant interaction with human resources professionals and colleagues. To the average employee, training can be time-consuming and tedious. Vyond’s creative and efficient approach to onboarding includes short and animated videos that make the process less of a hassle. I was given a series of videos on complex topics like cybersecurity, and I comprehended a novel concept without feeling brain fatigue or a significant loss of interest.


Create a better sense of belonging with a short video introducing your team. Having a resource that conveys the company structure, the different teams that work in tandem, and the leading members of each department is useful. It is not only informative (because it helps with organizational way-finding); it is welcoming. As each department representative explains how the team operates, they inspire a sense of trust and openness with the new hire.

Need to effectively communicate new COVID-19 protocols to new employees? Videos can help. Short and enticing videos explaining COVID-19 safety protocols within the office and the proper ways of navigating a hybrid or work-from-home environment will save you and the new hire a lot of time.

Short videos with the capability of being created and distributed with ease are game changers for relaying important information. Give this approach a try! Short and animated videos are impressive at conveying an organization’s expectations and results without compromising learning or attention. I am confident that this form of innovative and creative problem-solving will surprise your new and current employees.

About the Author

Fabricio Perez is a marketing and communications specialist at Vyond. A cloud-based video animation tool that enhances communication, engagement, and learning through impactful storytelling. Fabricio graduated from NDNU with a degree in psychology and has experience working in education, mental health advocacy, and peer mentoring. The intricate relationship between people and technology, and the resulting impact on culture, have inspired him to pursue a career in marketing. Lastly, he specializes in combining elements of cognitive psychology with a holistic model of content marketing that entices audiences through compelling storytelling.

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Thank you for this article. I have used VYond for a number of years, and I just love this approach to interview and onboard individuals. You have inspired me to use VYond in other capacities within our organization.
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